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Florida Rocks Story: I'm just a musician who heard the voice that said 'Build it and They Will Come'. The idea of preserving the scene of Florida's live rock music became a burning passion once I realized that my combined musical background and computer experience could come together in the greatest local/regional music portal possible. Soon I began to assemble a network of highly skilled people, who could see the vision and all bring incredible talents to the Florida Rocks! team.

Steve McMullen: I've been playing and writing original rock music since age 17. Some accomplishments include recording and playing live shows with a band on an indie label in the 90's, as well as shopping a demo from my own band while the record industry landscape began to drastically change. That's when i took a break from it and began my career in the computer field.

Now I continue to work with music, software, artist development, emerging technologies, and developing streams of revenue through the digital world while documenting bands and the music scene, making videos of florida artists, and discovering new ones. I use social media, websites, and industry contacts to draw attention to the area. I also perform some booking duties for national and international rock bands who are passing through Florida or the Southeast, as well as produce a couple of shows each year, all with a charitable element to them. I hope everyone enjoys the website and God Bless Rock and Roll!

Founder: Steve McMullen

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