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Florida Rocks! was founded by Steve McMullen in 2011. He started playing music at age 17 here in the state of Florida and some accomplishments include recording and playing fretless bass in live shows with a band on the Cherry Smash indie label (based in Los Angeles, CA) in the 90's, and recording vocals for a demo album at Reel Time Studios in Daytona, FL in 1995 which was shopped to labels in California as well. He now spends most of his time with application and web development, as well as emerging technologies, while documenting bands and the music scene, making videos of florida artists, and discovering new ones. He helps local musicians increase their exposure on the regional scene, and has even booked a tour for international artists 'ONE' who are distributed by Sony's Red Label.

Steve manages the website and day-to-operations at Florida Rocks!, but it taks a team of people to pull off our yearly 'Santa Jam Toy Drive and Musician Showcase'. A huge thanks and shout out goes to the following people.

Steve McMullen

- Founder and CEO of Florida Rocks!, Executive Producer of the Santa Jam Toy Drive and Musician Showcase and Santa Jam Toy Run, Corporate Sponsor Coordinator for SJ1-Present, Co-Entertainment Coordinator for SJ1-SJ2

Evelyn Bruner from Royal Productions

- Director and sponsor of the Santa Jam Toy Run and Spindrifter Lounge show for SJ1-SJ5, Entertainment Coordinator for SJ3, Co-Entertainment Coordinator for SJ1-SJ2, and assistant sponsor coordinator for SJ1-SJ4

Dixon Boatwright

- Entertainment Coordinator for SJ4 & SJ5

Monica Poucher

- Raffle Sales Coordinator for SJ1-SJ4

Casey Walker

- Director of the Hangar 7 show for SJ4 and raffle sales in for SJ1-SJ4

Kathryn Chaky

- Gift certificate and prize coordinator for Alachua County and 5 year sponsor

Lois Knutti-Lane

- 4 year sponsor and door person for previous Santa Jam shows.

Anne Murdico Dawson

- Gift certificate and prize coordinator for Columbia County SJ3-SJ5

Bonnie Kallenberger

- Raffle sales and door person SJ1-SJ4

Chris Sweeney

- Raffle sales and door person SJ1, SJ2, SJ4

Carmen Fountaine

- Door and raffle sales for SJ4 & SJ5

Jim Mitzel

- Gift certificate coordinator and toy bins for Bradford County SJ4

Bradley Jay Walters

- Official Videographer for SJ3

Ben Steltenkamp and Matthew Robarge

- Co-Directors of the Ghost Riders Saloon show for SJ2

Michelle Halsnick-Owen

- Director of the Dirty Bar show for SJ2

Steve and some of the Santa Jam crew

Steve and Kayn with 'ONE' on the 'Worlds Collide' album release tour, backstage at the Suwannee Rock Bash in 2012

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