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If you are a musician or band, we introduce you to what we offer artists in the area to enhance their musical career and income base. Our mission, simply put, is to help push artists to a higher level in their careers and document the scene for this and future generations. This is the age where bands can connect with fans and gain new ones for a large part online, and the way you use this medium is critical to sustainability and higher revenue, but you should combine that with sales at shows and local stores. If you seriously have a great product, I can tell you how to get more money out of it. If you are not working on branding yourself, steadily gaining new fans, and building a merchandising plan that will bring you money for decades, then you are missing out on so many opportunities.

Florida Rocks! helps promote both indoor and outdoor shows which showcase talent within the state. We also work with national and international touring rock bands to recommend the best venues for their genre and draw, aligning them with great promoters and assist with booking shows in the Southeastern United States, and also guiding bands to the best internet radio stations, social media outlets, and webzines for increased publicity. We also have current music label contracts and publicist contracts, terms and conditions that you must be aware of before you sign anything, and general info to better inform you of the options available to an artist wishing to pursue the big leagues.


If you are a venue, we can help create shows that draw tons of interest. You tell us what you are thinking of doing, and let us enhance the idea to create killer shows that attract large crowds.

Festivals and Outdoor Concerts

We are located in North Central Florida and can offer you this assistance: Distribution of paper flyers in the city of gainesville (population 124,000), on the campus of the University of Florida (50,000 students), and on the campus of Santa Fe Community College (15,000). We also distribute digital flyers through this website, and our social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In all nearly 250,000 people can be reached by Florida Rocks! on any given week to let them know all the details about your event and why they should attend.

Music Sales and Distribution

I'm selling music and merchandise online right now, and I can show you how to do the same thing. We have some of the best music in the world being created here in our state, and there are people who listen to and buy music online worldwide. Have your music distributed for fans outside of the state and country, and offer them collectibles and memoribilia as well. Visit our merchandise page to see an example of revenue that you too could be recieving right now.

Large shows we have been involved with recently:

This was my first 'planned' video, using live footage from Backstage Lounge & Gainesville Harley-Davidson, crowd shots from a third camera, a beautiful model, and movie footage.

This was my first project using live video and studio audio for the band 'EFen' and the song is 'Giddy-Up'.

This is a live video for the band 'Rebel-X' using footage from Rockin Wheels 2012 for one of their original songs.

My video for 'CORE' using Backstage Lounge footage .

This is a look back on our very first year.

The first video I ever made!!!

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